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New - QuietCool has introduced the Professional Series of QuietCool whole house fans.

We offer the best QuietCool whole house fans systems for your house to keep it cool. The QuietCool Stealth Pro Series is an incredibly efficient fan with an industry best 15-year manufacturer warranty.  As we like to say, if it doesn’t say “QuietCool” on the motor, it’s just another fan! But more – these say “Stealth PRO,” the best of the best offered by QuietCool.

quietcool stealth pro whole house fan ducted whole house fan

Stealth Pro

Available exclusively through licensed contractors, authorized dealers, and wholesalers, the Stealth Pro Line is QuietCool’s top of the line whole house fan product. The Stealth Pro is the perfect home fan! For consumers seeking the best in a single fan, centrally installed system,  this is the only fan of choice.

Stealth Pro Line
quietcool whole house fan ducted whole house fan

Trident Pro

The Trident Pro line  is part of our Professional Series that includes all new removable grilles, and included wall switch controls, in every box. This fan motor and self-contained duct system hangs in the attic and the fan’s whisper quiet operation is made possible by QuietCool’s patented acoustical ducting that provides at least six feet of separation between the fan motor-head and the ceiling intake grill inside the house.

Trident Pro Line